David Perry was at IGDA Demo Reel Night at Westwood College.

October 14, 2006 — 2 Comments

The Orange County IGDA meetings where we focus on Demo Reels (hosted by Westwood College) are always worth the time…
I have to say, it really is a lot of fun looking at how students (wanting to get into the video game industry) present themselves. Sometimes, industry professionals are there, and they have a very lazy approach, they kinda expect the next job will come their way by showing a few pictures they printed out.
The students on the other hand work really hard. They make business cards, study articles on the web on how to present themselves and they do whatever it takes to make that reel good.
This time I recorded the event to HD video so if I ever get some spare time, I’ll edit that tape into a web video so you can see how it works.
We average between about 50->200 people attending each time we do this, we have a panel of around four judges and we get about 5 to 10 reels to take a really close look at.
First, the person that made the reel explains what it’s all about, then we all watch it, then the panel comments on it, then the audience asks questions or gives comments.
One guy who wants to be a technical artist showed some photoreal work that really blew me away. So far there’s always been at least one of these demos at every meeting I’ve been too. So if you are looking for talent, I’m DEAD serious, get your local IGDA to start hosting these events.
It’s incredibly interesting as we have NO idea what’s coming up next, and to date we’ve NEVER had a really sucky one. (I’ve been dying to do my Simon Cowell impression, but haven’t had a decent chance yet.)
As I find myself giving similar comments to more than one reel, I’ve started a list, so we can keep adding to it. (For people that can’t make it to these events.)
The list is posted here: CLICK HERE
I just want to thank Glennon @ Westwood College, you’ve been an incredible supporter of the developers and of the IGDA.
I want to thank Mark who runs the IGDA Orange County Chapter. It’s a non-paying gig, but it’s really helping people Mark. When I get back to my desk I’m getting some really sincere emails.
I want to thank AutoDesk for funding the Pizza’s. We get through a ton of them and we make sure to thank them at the event.
And thanks to the students that are brave enough to stand up in front of their peers and show their personal work to a panel of judges.
I can’t wait for the next one.

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    Hey David,
    I was at the IGDA meeting last night and I got your email from S.F. (I hope you don’t mind). I was the guy who asked you about AI programming. I just wanted to thank you for your advice and time last night. You’re words were a real eye opener to me and I felt like I learned more last night about the industry than I had in 6 months. I wish you well with your work and I hope that we get a chance to talk again in the future!
    Thank you for your time and advice,
    Matt Meyer


    ok now i am curious i want to see that HD video no matter if it’s in raw/unedited format. post it on the wiki dp, pretty please 😀 (grin grin).

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