DP Interview in the Hollywood Reporter

October 10, 2006 — Leave a comment

This Interview is all about the E3 Show vs GDC in the Hollywood Reporter.
They clearly caught me on a pretty spicy day. 🙂
Check it out HERE.
I know it’s a pretty controversial statement, hence it leads the article:

“I can put my hand on my heart and say I will resign from the board if we try to turn GDC into an E3 in any shape, form, or size.”

But the truth be told, the GDC Board knows that the conference is ALL about developers and learning. It’s not about game marketing. So you can be sure we will remain very focused on drawing large audiences of game developers from all over the world, and giving them the forum to share ideas and knowledge.
The fact that is happens from such high end people is what makes the show keep growing. As advisory board members, our job is not to mess that up.
On the other hand the growth of the Expo floor I support as the more tools / technology / interesting stuff there is to see, the better. I love to walk around it every year.
One thing that makes the GDC Expo floor work so well (in my personal opinion) is that it’s sane, it’s not blaring music, you can chat, and you’re welcome.

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