Foundation 9 just bought Shiny…

October 2, 2006 — Leave a comment

Hehe, I’ve known about this deal for quite a while now.
I’m really happy for the Shiny team, they really deserve a well funded operation.
Francisco partners is a great investment operation, Foundation 9 continues to go from strength to strength, and as luck would have it, Shiny can stay in Southern Orange County. I’ve been close friends with the heads of the Collective for many years now and being veterans, they know what they’re doing. Shiny had years of development into certain tools and technologies and I’m sure Collective will put them to good use.
I was hoping the Shiny team could return to it’s original roots of making original games, then every now and again sprinkle in some key licensing to help fund the more risky “original” games. Foundation 9 has the funding to be able to do both and so I think Shiny has found a really good home.
I must admit I was getting concerned as I had originally planned to help Atari find buyers (I had talked to Collective about it back in February 2006), but Atari forged on ahead into E3 2006, keeping Shiny close to it’s chest. I know they were getting offers, but didn’t sell.
I (with no patience) went on ahead with new projects.
So this looks to be a story that ends with a happy ending for all four parties – myself, Shiny, Atari and Foundation 9.
Interestingly yesterday was the 13th year for Shiny, so 13 is a lucky number for some!

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