Canada National Gaming Expo

September 3, 2006

Sep 1st-3rd, 2006
Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada
The Canadian National Gaming Expo or GX as it is known, has joined FAN EXPO CANADA as the latest featured event. It is now Canada’s largest Gaming event and you can count on us to bring in the biggest names and games in the industry. With tournaments and all manner of Gaming going on all weekend, GX will give gamers a stable annual event in Canada to look forward to year after year. Although 2005 was the first attempt at the Gaming feature, it has already made it’s mark as a great success and we look forward to continuing the tradition of success with support, expansion and diversification in industry for many years to come. The Canadian National Gaming Expo will continue to thrill fans, retailers, and companies as the event of the year! We would love to see you all there in September, and remember to book off the whole weekend, because you’ll need it to cover the expanded floor space and guest list for 2006!