My Home in the Los Angeles Times!

August 9, 2006 — 3 Comments

Well I guess it’s kinda cool to be in the “HOMES” section of the Los Angeles times. (Not just video game magazines.)
But what the heck? – They call me GUMBY!
(c) Los Angeles Times.

3 responses to My Home in the Los Angeles Times!


    I thought it was a good article, and it made your house seem like the equivalent of walking into a Toys ‘R Us for 30-somethings. But, I didn’t get the “bouncing around like Gumby on a trampoline” reference either. A 6’8″ Gumby? A green clay David Perry?


    Way cool. You have a tree in your living room. 🙂


    That’s not unusual at elast in Europe. I have a small apple tree in my kitchen 🙂 really small apples too, i used to have more fruit trees in the house, now just the apples.

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