Will be back from China soon.

July 29, 2006 — 3 Comments

What an amazing time I’m having here.
Korea was fantastic, and Shanghai China is just jaw dropping.
This is a photo from the biggest game Publisher/Developer in China. (SNDA)
Unbelievably nice, friendly, passionate people.
And as I promised I would take some cool photos. (I took hundreds.)
Here’s a scene from the game conference China Joy.
Not sure how painting on a girl’s back sells games, but it’s fun to watch!
Anyway, I will do the full report when I get back.

3 responses to Will be back from China soon.


    Cool picture, Let me guess… the lady in pick, translator 🙂
    Did you get to paint one of the girls… those chinese models are tall.


    hah, its funny how you are a head taller than everyone else :), but the nagain, you are pretty tall!
    i also see you managed to get a snapshot of some babes, good work 😀


    Nice. I’ve always admired asian culture. If they concentrate on something, they ‘shine’.
    I’m sure gamedevelopers at Korea are focusing on network playing. Koreans love to play online.

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