Heading out to Korea / China Today

July 23, 2006 — 2 Comments

I’m heading out to Seoul Korea today, then heading (for my first time) to Shanghai, China.
The timing of the trip is perfect as when I get to China I’m going to see the China Joy show too.
Don’t know if many western developers have taken the time to see this show, so I’ll do my best to take some decent photos. I’ve brought a killer camera, and a secret (covert) camera this time.
My next trip is Northern Ireland in November. I’ve been invited on an Entertainment Fellowship to the Queen’s University, Belfast. (The town I went to school!) The only problem with that trip is that I’ve got to give multiple speeches!
Anyway for this 15 hour trip, I’ve got a set of Deadwood DVD’s with me, that’s gonna be fun for the other passengers hearing all the swearing from my laptop! I’d better take headphones.
See you next week.

2 responses to Heading out to Korea / China Today


    It’s Jade. Glad to see you again. Hope to see you sometime.



    Deadwood you say, you better take a F* parachute 😉
    Have a F* nice trip LOL


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