Texas Independent Game Conference

July 22, 2006

July 22nd-23rd
Crowne Plaza Hotel Austin, 6121 N. I-35 at Highway 290, Austin, TX, USA
Warren Spector and Greg Costikyan to Keynote.
Indie game developers hold the key to the future success of the industry â?? there are many well documented comments from blogs, keynote speeches and the media that the industry is struggling with the divergence between the resource rich and the resource poor, between playing it safe and pushing the edge of creativity, between the â??sequelâ? and the innovative new gameâ?¦
So the mission of the Texas Independent Game Conference is simple â?? provide the forum where indie game developers can get together in a neutral environment and explore the things that really matter to them…like how do I start a studio?, what are the best game markets for indie developers?, what do people mean by indie developer anyway?, how can I market my game effectively?, what new tools are available?…
A Game Demo Party will occur on July 22nd, and roundtables will be scheduled throughout the conference.